Saturday, October 22, 2011


This new baby girl of ours as stollen all of our hearts.  Needless to say she has been loved to pieces. C especially has surprised us all with how much he has shown his adoration of her. Even with having her for over a month now he still wants to "love" her all the time. He rubs his face on hers and kisses her and wants to touch her hands and toes. It's so sweet, most of the time.  I've started hiding her in unexpected places when she's asleep because he ends up waking her up over and over when he's around.  
For me the hardest part of having three so far has been that I just want to hold this baby of mine all day long and there just aren't enough moments in the day with two other kids around. This time around I think I have enjoyed being up with her at night, at least most of the time, for that reason. It's so nice when everyone is asleep and I get her all to myself.


  1. Everything about this post is perfect. The pictures, the title, your kids. I love it. I love you blog, it's one of the only ones I read any more.
    (on a side note, check your fb for an invite to our halloween party. It'd be great if you guys could make an appearance. If not, I totally understand.)

  2. all of these pictures are gorgeous, jess.

  3. I still haven't night-weaned Matthew for that very reason. :) He's only 9 months old, I'm not weird or anything, promise....

  4. Your family is just gorgeous. I agree with Rhiannon about your blog. So true.

  5. So cute Jessica. Love your post. It's amazing how we can love our children so much.


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