Wednesday, July 31, 2013

take me into the mountains

I have a travel bug right now, I really do. But with three littles it's much easier to keep discovering the beautiful places where we live. We headed to Cascade Springs. The kids were onry to each other most of the way (we are trying hard to dispel the sibling rivalry, it's rough right now though!) But once we set them loose they were as happy as can be. A very short hike was the perfect thing for their spirits. These are the moments I live for, when these little people run and laugh together. When they are kind to each other and silly.
 One said child might have learned what stinging nettle was. It was a great learning experience. Funny thing was she was reading a sign that went over what stinging nettle was and that you shouldn't touch it. Live and learn. It just got on her fingers, it could have been worse.  And that boy of mine was such a gentleman, finding rocks for the girls to throw since they didn't want to step in the water. There is hope for that one, I know there is. 

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