Friday, January 15, 2016

the last week in photos

reading to her little brother while she has a captive audience

it's been dark and gloomy so we've had candles with dinner for a little extra spark in the day. 

her new prized possessions from Christmas. 

i can't help but always want to photograph her when she has her nose in a book

Sunday, January 3, 2016

happy birthday cole : 6 years old

Those are what I call great cake eyes. I always love this moment so much, the happy look on their faces. Nothing beats it. 
This is my all time favorite photo of Cole to date. 

Christmas at our house

You can't see him all that well but Cole was throwing snowballs up in the air and he was loving it. Giggling and so interested in it all. I was in a puddle watching them all. 
Arranging and rearranging the tree all month long. ;)
The girls and I sewed bean bags for a gift and Margo could have filled them all day long. She was happy as can be with that little activity. 
He has been our little elf on the shelf this month. Always trying to perch himself under tables. I could sit and watch him crawl around all day. Good thing because I really do have to to keep him safe. :)
His little face has gotten so very chubby. Looking at him reminds me so much of my little brother as a baby here. 
Trying her hand at crocheting a potholder. Grandma tried to teach her and she gave it a good try for awhile. 
This was one of the first times he pulled himself up. This growing up business is happening before our eyes. Soon he'll be standing up by himself, he already gives it a try every once in awhile. 
Getting himself in tricky situations all the live long day. His face here kills me. 
Making pomanders is something we do every year. That smell is oh so yummy. 
Sleeping under the Christmas tree after school got out. They stayed up so late giggling until Dad carried them into their beds. 

Monday, December 7, 2015

temple square 2015

six months and growing

i took these when tavis started getting up on all fours. such a busy little viking. he is keeping me on my toes these days. margo was playfully teasing him with his binky and some impromptu snuggles happened. all in a days works for these two. i love having a baby in the house. even with all the chaos they bring, the trade offs win every time. margo never stops loving him, she loves to lay on the floor and let him crawl on top of her. she giggles so hard and ends up getting pummeled every time and still she forgives him. she is so loving and humbles me daily with her calming presence.