Saturday, October 3, 2015

too good to be true

you're just too good to be true. i was sick with the flu this week and it brought back way too many memories of being pregnant with you. the flu isn't half as bad as being pregnant but it was a small taste at what a sacrifice that was to get you here. still i would do it all over again. i know you were meant to be in our family and i'm so grateful every day for you. 

my wild

 it's amazing that he still has those front teeth. with all the crazy antics that he finds himself in it is an absolute miracle. he gives me a run for my money but boy do i love him so.

another bath with dad

five months

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

goodbye summer

i snapped a few portraits of my beautiful girl before third grade started. it leaves me without words, looking at how grown up she looks. those hurts never ease up do they? every new phase, every accomplishment, every time i see a change in them, it hurts just the same as it did eight years ago when she was brand new. i don't think it will ever go away.

september love

if i'm being honest, there are days when it feels like my house might swallow me whole. the chores can be never ending and it can feel like i'm being pulled in opposite directions.  in those moments i love to go out in the yard and be with the kids. it sets me straight every time. being under the shade of our trees is magic for my soul. when we were going to build a house i couldn't stop thinking about how we wouldn't have mature trees in the yard while the kids were little. when we found our house i knew it was for us. god really does know and care about the minute details of our lives and those trees remind me of his love. our apples are ready and margo has been waiting all summer for this moment when she could pick the apples. we filled all our big bowls before it rained. cole worked so hard at peeling and grating apples and we had apple crisp monday night. life is getting to me lately but all these things remind me that it really is oh so good.