Wednesday, August 12, 2015

the weekly bath with dad || eighteen weeks

this week

the girls have been fairies lots this week. wings and tulle everywhere. it is the. best. 
playing in the sprinklers on one of the cloudiest days of the summer. but it was her first time she really had fun and i sat and watched her the whole five minutes of it. 
these boys. it'll be my biggest accomplishment this year if i keep tavis unbroken from all of cole's innocent "loves." 

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

my happy thought

He's getting that head up higher and higher each day, rolling over and loving the sound of his own voice these days. She is always cheering him on, giving me reports of what he's doing and I love it so much. They really are my happy thought, each of these beautiful children we have been given. 

Saturday, August 8, 2015

tibble fork

we went up to the canyon as a family and i snuck in five minutes of pictures with the girls. it's one of my favorite spots, especially this time of year. this was right at noon day but i still love how the colors turned out. these two are really something together. adelyn can be so helpful and margo really loves her. i love seeing them support each other and want to show one another things. they have their moments but mostly they're oh so good.

arm rolls and snuggles

his raised eyebrows. it doesn't get cuter than that. 
she's always cheering him on. keeping that head up higher and higher these days. 
 quiet time at our house has never been better. i love seeing them together. she swoons over him daily and he's her biggest fan. almost four months together.