Monday, July 21, 2014

summer trip 2014

this past trip to southern cali was our best yet, brett and i decided. we had way more smiles and laughs than usual and by far fewer tantrums. i guess that just shows that our kids are growing up, which reminds me that there really are some benefits to this whole growing up thing. when we left i felt like i didn't take hardly as many photos as i should have but we did get a few and there is still more to come. probably way to many of my kids with their backs towards me but i'm so content to see them do what they're doing and take it all in.  mostly i just played. played in the sand with little margo.  i stole some time out in the ocean with adelyn and cole. i love that place so much and sharing it with them, this place i spend so much of my childhood at just makes me so perfectly happy. how good our Heavenly Father is to give us such a magnificent place.  i watched the kids fill tiny bucket after bucket of water to fill a hole they dug and their patient dad who was so content to just be with them, walking back and forth with them. adelyn is reminds me of a bird with new found wings out in the water. cole is always one to need a hand out there and then he gets these bursts where he forgets to be scared and just goes for it. because they are sparse they feel like them spectacular, couldn't get better moments. oh my goodness i love this little family of mine.   

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

miscellaneous moments of the last few months

 Those hands on his face while he sleeps. Gets me every time. 

While I was packing I had Margo in the sink because she wants to be right by me. This ended in two naked kiddos in the sink, the last one in our house. 

Walked in and saw these two having a long conversation on my bed like this, all curled into each. They
are so funny these days. Mostly so good to each other and as soon as they wake up they ask where the other one is. They get over their tiffs so fast. I'm so glad they have each other. 
She still sleeps like this a lot and I'll be sad when she stops. It makes me laugh every time. And look at those dirty toes. You can tell it's been a good summer already. 
My two boys in the midst of one well deserved nap.  If I didn't know it already,  I could tell life has been crazy just by these photos. Just a few photos of mostly sleeping children. Still, I don't know how you could have too many photos of sleeping babies. There's been lots of drives to look at lots and discussions with builders and realtors on top of the normals chores.  Too much time packing. I tell you what, we are dying in our next house just so I never have to pack up a house again.  But there's been lots of time at the splash pad, the canyon and picnics with friends and bike rides and all the wonderful things we do in the summer too. It has been a blur of a month and I can't believe it's flown by so fast. 

Monday, June 30, 2014

picking rose petals

 The girls found our wild rose bush in a forgotten part of our yard while I was weeding one day. A good long time was spent playing, "daddy loves me, he loves me not" with the petals.  

Friday, June 27, 2014

the end of day at the zoo

I picked up my camera for the first time in a few weeks to take to the zoo. It's the longest I've gone without taking it out of the bag since I bought it I think. This move and building has absolutely consumed my time but that's ok. Life is calming down a bit this week. And I feel calm. So much peace about everything. And so assured that we did the right thing in selling our house.  It sure felt good to snap a few pictures, short story. We caught the animals at the perfect time. The elephants had just knocked down one of the walls between the hippos and themselves and were bathing in the hippo's pond. It was the most excitement I've ever seen at the zoo. It's funny how one simple trip to the zoo, something that we've done dozens of times before, can make life seem so ordinary and a-okay right now.  In the midst of lot hunting and countless discussions on neighborhoods and schools and builders, doing something so uncomplicated feels invaluable. It's all for the greater good and how lucky am I that we are able to take on this project but building this home, and trying to do it in a place with cleaner air and low-toxins and with a builder that will work with us on it has left me feeling harried.  But afternoons like this, watching my kids run around in the splash pad with their dad that they adore and to see that curiosity in their faces as they peer at these animals renews me and reminds me it will all work out. It will, just as Heavenly Father wants it to if I can just keep at it. 

Thursday, May 22, 2014

margo runs her hands through her hair and tells me her hair is like elsa's. what she lacks in hair she makes up in imagination. i love her little pixie hairs but i'm thinking it's about time she was blessed with some hair. 


i can't even handle that face, even if he did pick one of the daffodils. how can you tell a kid not to pick the flowers when they look so thoughtful and sweet? if it brings them so much joy just to bring me flowers. my heart can't take it. he's been doing so, so well for about the last two weeks. no belly aches, no hives. it's amazing how it changes everything else in our life. soaking it up while it's good. 

one last year under the pink weeping tree. there is so many things i am going to miss about our house but the trees in our yard are on the top of my list. 

i got one single moment of magoo liking under the petals before she decided it was scary. such a timid girl at this age. if she's like our other two she'll be over that quick.