Tuesday, September 2, 2014

phone pics

i really am grateful for all of the conveniences of phone pictures. there are so many memories i've been able to capture that i would have missed otherwise. and it's amazing what those little camera phones can do. i wanted to slowly start putting them on the blog. there are so many that i don't want to forget. here are some of our last trip to California and some other random summer happenings. picking raspbet

Saturday, August 30, 2014

AF canyon

just another one of our drives up the canyon. i think this was one of those times i was glad i had extra clothes in the car. not one but two of the kids needed a change. they definitely earned their baths that night. makes me happy to see them busy like that. it always amazing me at how happy they are outside. we climbed over some rocks to get to a new spot across Tibblefork and Cole ended up taking me down with him on a good fall. the things we do for these little people. i'm always saving that boys life, if he only knew. good thing i love him so much. those pictures of margo and brett made my day. he's makes for an awesome dad in every way and they adore him.

morning walk

this summer we tried to go on as many walks and adventures as we could allow. at the beginning of summer my camera got put on the back burner. but after a few months of not picking it up it felt so good to put it to good use. we went to bridal veils for our walk. it's one of the kids favorite places and we are lucky to be so close to it. the kids have grown more than i'd like to think about this summer. they've changed and matured and it sort of makes me want to sob into a pillow but it's so fun to watch too. margoo really was there too but she was having a little moment and wanted to be left alone in her stroller that morning. even with how mellow she is in general, being two can still be pretty tough sometimes. :)

pool time

 our rental that we are living at has a pool and of course the kids love, love it. we spent lots of time here this summer. margo tripped on the sidewalk outside of our place and had to get stitches, thirteen to be exact. so she spent a few weeks outside the pool just lounging in the chairs beside me. she was a good sport about it, mostly since she's pretty content to be by my side and because she rarely leaves the steps of the pool anyways. i love that we will have the memories of this "summer house" as the kids call it. there are tons of kids around and the kids couldn't be happier. it will end up being our fall and winter and maybe even spring house but i don't think they'll mind a bit.