Sunday, February 6, 2011


I was going through some old photos and came across this one. I just want to eat her sweet baby toes. I made her that cake for her first birthday, after we gave her rights to it. We fully expected her to dive right in and she would barely touch it. Didn't want to get her hands messy. Even after I stuck her hands in she would just stick one little finger in and lick off the frosting. She always has kept us guessing.

P.S.- I got that frosting that color by adding a little bit of powder from a lime jello packet. I was so proud of myself.

Image from Amanda Perrin


  1. Aww... I recognize that cake! And I remember how she never dove in. What a funny girl :) I can't believe our girls are turning 4!

  2. I just love this image Jessica. And the color of the cake is beautiful--I will have to remember that little trick! Hope you're having a wonderful Monday.

    xo mary jo


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