Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Emerson Made pantry

I think I could live in this pantry I love it so much. Amazing! Can you imagine how nice this would be? It's bringing out the OCD in me.  From of the home of Emerson Made featured in The Nest.


  1. Oh. My. Gosh. I'm sticking this in my "someday" folder. I already put a lot of stuff in mason jars, but I would love to have those big apothecary ones. *drool*

  2. Oh, I've been drooling over this too! I love Emerson made style and the atmosphere of the interiors. It's so lovely to stop by your blog - so many wonderful details and inspiration! x

  3. I loved this article and Emerson Made's kitchen pantry so much, that I talked my husband into getting our contractor to build one just like it for us. I saw this just months after getting married in September of 2010, so I was definitely in the nesting mood. It fits so perfectly in our breakfast nook/just outside of the kitchen area. I loved her idea of the glass jars, that I've gone to a lot of stores to collect and place dried goods, spices, and teas in. I LOVE it!


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