Thursday, February 17, 2011

our little snow storm

Last night brought us snow, lightning and thunder and even a power outage. We lit lots of candles and read bedtime stories with flashlights. I cuddled with Christopher because the storm kept him up scared. Brett walked around wearing a headlight. The kids were fascinated. I was super happy about the whole thing until I wanted homemade popcorn (you know, cooked on the stove, the only we have it around here) and couldn't have any. Amelie's been wearing that headlight all morning with Christopher walking around staring at her. Funny kids.


  1. So your blog is very chic... love your pictures & little thoughts. I read all of your posts.
    that book you got from the library is cute, they have some that look like that at anthropologie. I think they are around 15 bucks.
    I too have had guilt about rocking my baby to sleep, but I have decided that I am never going to get that time back & really it's the only time I can hold her without her wiggling out of my arms, so yep, pretty much every nap time I rock her to sleep & I don't even feel guilty about it any more. I figured I'll feel more guilty the older she gets for not cherishing these little moments.
    I am surprised to read that you are not usually a positive person. From talking to you I would have never known, so yeah I'd say you are doing well. I struggle with that too & am terrible at painting on a smile or finding the good in not so good situations. Maybe I should take some lessons from you :) (on that & lullabies)

  2. Your kids are so darn cute. I wished I lived closer to you friend! And I love the wedding pictures. I can't believe how grown up your sisters are! Crazy!!


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