Monday, February 21, 2011

the party!

The party went so very well. I think they all had fun. They looked sweet all dressed up.  
My mom brought these little fan plates. I think they worked just right.

I felt bad we didn't have enough little kid chairs. But I didn't think they would mind kneeling too much and I don't think they even noticed. It was fun watching them find their names.

 I could have just sat there and listened to their conversation forever. I love little kids minds. It make it all worth it to see her so happy.

Amelie wanted to pour everyone's drinks. Isn't that tea pot perfect? We gave them sugar cubes to put in their lemonade. They had a field day with those.  No one really drank it thankfully. There was tons of sugar in those drinks. Tons.

We put lipstick on them and had them try to kiss the frog. It was funny.  

The big moment. She wished that she could go on a daddy-daughter date. Cute right?


  1. so cute, carter would have fit right in right???!!

  2. I love it! You did great on the cake, it is beautiful! Maybe one day you can teach me your cake decorating skills?

  3. that is the cutest birthday party ever. you guys did such a good job.

  4. Hi Jessica!

    I couldn't find any contact info but wanted to let you know that we featured a photo of your pretty fabric bunting on our blog today:

    Have a great day!
    Lily from Birch + Bird

    ps...I couldn't comment under Birch and Bird because we need the name/url option for self-hosted Wordpress :)

  5. Hi. Wondering how you made the fabric bunting??? Love it.


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