Thursday, March 31, 2011

a peek

Here is a little peek at the color I picked for C's room. His room is freshly painted so we'll give it a few days before his crib gets put back together in his own room. He has been rooming with us as I painted his room. I feel like I've been sleeping with a newborn again. I wake up to all his little sleeping sounds.
The color is Gabardine in the Martha Stewart line. It's a little bit more bluer than I wanted. I was going for a more grayer blue but I like it still the same. All the white in his room looks so nice with the color of the walls. I love it. I was nervous about it feeling too dark in his room but it just feels fresh and bright. It feels so good to have even one room painted. I just have to put up curtains and do some last minute touches. This is the fun part. Putting it all together. I can't wait to show you when it's all finished.


  1. LOVE that color! I may have to steal it when i get a fun new house :) So cute!!!

  2. I think its the perfect boy color. Not too young! I love your nautical theme. Makes me think of the lovely California coast. . . and we Utah girls could definitely use that!

  3. I love your new house.
    Everything about it.

  4. Why are YOU painting? I thought you had PAINTERS for that?

  5. My bedroom walls are also gaberdine and i'm in the process of choosing carpeting. It looks like the carpet in your photo above is a dark grey, which is what i'm considering. Do you have any photos that show more of the carpet with the walls?


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