Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter weekend

 Our Easter weekend was wonderful. We dyed our Easter eggs. We ran lots of errands including couch shopping. No luck this time. Shopping for a couch both Brett and I can agree on is tricky, let me tell you.  I did leave my purse at the furniture store. Only me. Brett and I had a night out on Saturday. We went out to eat at the Copper Onion. It's our second time there. We loved it when we went the first time and loved it even more the second time.

The little man looking for Easter eggs. He makes the goofiest face when he knows I am taking a picture of him. Oh, and he says cheese. It's the cutest thing.

And we went to church, this is us getting out the door.  Brett and I spoke in church so my parents offered to come sit with our kids. Even having to speak it was still so nice to sit and enjoy church without keeping the kids entertained. It was great!

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