Monday, May 23, 2011

zoo day

I hardly take my camera to places like the zoo anymore. We go so often that it doesn't seem all too picture worthy. That and I'm usually occupied with the kiddos so any picture taking seems irrelevant. Even this time around with Brett on hand I didn't hardly take any. But I got a few. Like of this giraffe. He was really checking us out.

We had a little picnic after the bird show. We brought strawberries and the boy loved them. Loved them. That strawberry was huge and in it went.

This photo is so funny.  Not because of that ladies fanny, I just couldn't get around her. No offence, lady. No, it's funny because my 6'4 husband is riding the little lady bug of all things to ride on the carousel.

I guess we like to have staring contests with the animals at the zoo. First the giraffe and then the leopard.

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