Monday, June 20, 2011

C's room

The little man's room is finished for now, until he gets his own bed after the baby comes. It's funny to me that the rooms I don't care as much are so much easier to finish. It's because the ones I do care about a lot I have higher expectations I guess. I want everything to be just right in those rooms and I don't want to put just anything in there.
Anyways, one day I'd like to have a good chair in this room for reading but for now we just lay on the floor. And maybe an industrial looking pendant light.  And one day it won't have green carpet but for now it's great.

I found this shelf at an antique shop. Brett calls it my zatara shelf. I have to admit it does kind of look like drift wood but I like it just the same.

Can I tell you I've had to move up those pictures above the crib twice. He is getting so tall. And our crib is broken right now. Did you notice how there's a side missing? Yup, it's gone. We need to order the pieces that hold it up.


  1. Nice job! And, um, that ruler picture frame is genius! Did you make it? I want one!

  2. Jessica, you are so talented! I absolutely love it. The paint color is amazing.

    Also, you are invited to girls night- I miss you so much! It's next Thursday. Check your email. (This is Megan Whitaker, by the way :D).

  3. Wow! You did a great job! Looks like a picture out of a magazine. I love that frame too.

  4. I liked the missing crib side! I thought it was on purpose!

  5. Hey Jess, I am looking for a dresser and I was wondering where yours in Cole's room is from?

  6. Can u tell me the paint color? Love it.

  7. Hi, Where did you get that map from? Love it!

    1. hi jessica, can you please share the paint color you used for C's room? thanks so much.


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