Monday, June 27, 2011

starting on the girl's room

I have finally started in on the girl's room. Amelie's room for now of course, but once our dovie arrives they'll be roomies once she's old enough. Actually it's mostly finished, I just have a few details to work on. I'm saving the nursery portion of the room for later but we have a spot all picked out for the crib.
 I love this idea for a mobile. It's very Anthropologieish, if I can say that. It would be a fairly simple project to take on. Though I might have to hang it elsewhere just so I didn't have nightmares of that book falling on my babies head. Because I really would worry about something like that.  From this etsy shop found via Lay Baby Lay. If you've haven't checked out her blog, it's definitely worth a glance.  

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