Thursday, June 9, 2011

laundry room: before and after

Our laundry room in our house is a bit on the tiny side. It works just fine but it will only work as long as it's organized and functional, oh and pretty, of course. Plus, here's the thing with making a home, sometimes you have to change things a bit just to make it feel like your own. That's where all the hard work comes in. Anyways, here's what she looked like when we moved in.

 And here she is now. Much better, right? I painted the cupboards, which went really well, better than I thought it would. I thinned my paint out and rolled them with a small no-nap roller. It took gobs of coats but they look really good. There is shelving on the other wall that you can't see that houses all the things you stash in a laundry room.
We used a paint and primer in one since the yellow was so dark. I thought a light grey would be nice and open in such a small space.

I wanted a roman shade in this room but the price tag on those is a bit steep for me, especially since it's just my laundry room. So I just used a curtaid rod I already had and found some fabric for next to nothing at Home Fabrics.

I actually finished everything a few weeks ago but couldn't decide what to hang in that little spot on the wall.  Then I saw this post that Kirsten from 6th Street Design School wrote about. I thought it would be a perfect little project and so I used some scraps of fabric I had and made a little flower. It was a quick project and adds a good pop of color.  

Now I'm a little happier to do laundry. I like having a prettier room for a not so pretty activity.


  1. It looks lovely! Like your idea for the window covering. I want to make some roman shades for our front entry, but I'm also now considering doing a half window treatment like that just for the privacy... I'm just worried it might get ruined by our dogs who like jumping up on the window sills.

  2. I LOVE the room! Looks like a magazine room! And I love your artwork! You are so creative and your projects always turn out so adorable!!!

  3. Beautiful Jess!!! Come do my cupboards!!!

  4. Hi I love the light gray color you used. Can you please share the paint color? Thank you!!


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