Wednesday, July 6, 2011

27 weeks pregnant

You know what's really embarrassing? Taking photos of yourself growing huge and then posting them for all your friends to see. Pretty silly and yet here I am. I'll be glad later, right? At least they'll be good for laughs.

I had a little scare of contractions last week. Two hours of contractions that were close together, super regular and super painful.  I couldn't talk or walk through them.  The nurse told me to come in as soon as I called and they stopped as soon as I got to labor and delivery. They did a fetal fibrosis test and said it was false labor. I haven't felt anything since so hopefully they weren't anything but a fluke. I don't want our little girl coming until she's good and ready.

No lie, in the past few weeks four people that I don't know have told me that I look good for being so far along. Then they ask how long I have to go and find out that I'm not really that far along. Thirteen weeks more weeks. I've been lucky though. This summer has been good to me. The weather has been mild, perfect for a summer pregnancy.

So one more week until I am officially in my last trimester. My laid back attitude I had a few weeks ago when I felt completely comfortable to wait out the summer for our dovie to come have disappeared and I'm getting impatient already. Funny how a pregnancy can  go so fast and yet it still feels like it's not fast enough.


  1. You are absolutely the cutest pregnant girl I know. I mean seriously, you are one good lookin' Mama! Have fun on your trip these next few days!

  2. Whatever! You look great! I swelled up so big with my last babe I cried everytime I saw a picture of me!


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