Wednesday, November 30, 2011

the start of the living room

We just bought couches for our main living room.Our other couches went into our living room off our entry way.  So now it's time for the fun part. This room is attached to our dining room and kitchen so it's where we will spend most of our time. I want it to be comfy and kid-friendly. The rest of our house has mostly toned down, neutral colors and I want this room to be more colorful.

As you can see, without the Christmas tree it's pretty empty.

This is my favorite living room of all time. I have an huge ottoman that is shaped like the one in this picture that I'm going to have upholstered.

This is the layout that I'm going for. I have always loved the idea of having two facing couches instead of a loveseat and a couch. There is more seating and it makes for good conversations.

I just love the styling of this mantle, the artwork and the sconces.

So that is the latest project. I've been really good at working on everything and finishing nothing with my house. I'm determined to focus on this room and finish it. We'll see how it goes!

Images- Lonny magazine, Dianne Bergeron, House Beautiful

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