Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas pictures

Here is a few random Christmas photos from this year. It was a blast watching the kids discover their presents under the tree on Christmas morning.

The babies showed up to Christmas at Grandma's wearing the same pj's. It was cute.

This was the coolest present by far. It's a musical marble tree that my dad bought my mom. It's hand made and the sound it makes is really so fun. The boys played with it forever. I'm sure it will be a favorite toy at Grandma's house for a long time.
The picture below is all of us finding the pickle ornament on my mom's tree. It's a family tradition and it's one of my favorite things about Christmas at my mom's house.  We all get pretty competitive every year, there's always lots of pushing and horseplay. Notice that the star has been taken out. Her poor tree took a beating this year.


  1. That marble tree looks so fun! I wish you a very joyous new year!

  2. where did he buy that marble tree. Must have one, so cool!


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