Monday, January 30, 2012

at four months

She's pure bliss right now. She's laughing and cooing at us now. Her giggles are little presents in my day. Our nursing sessions have been getting longer and longer now that she wants to watch everything around her. Lately she'll  play with my hair and give me smiles in between eating. It takes forever but she's so irresistible I can't help but just let her play.  
She is our little sunshine baby. Wakes up happy and is so giving with those smiles of hers. She's a good eater and practically lays her self down to sleep.  She's been our easiest baby by far. I have loved having babies before, but wow, it's so much better when they eat and sleep good and aren't hurting.
She's discovered those chubby hands of hers and stares at them with such fascination and is even working at grabbing for things now. She's loving being held and is in my arms constantly these days. She brought so much joy into our family and we're all so in love with her!


  1. She is so beautiful Jess!! Love her chocolate brown eyes! They just sparkle with life!!

  2. This post reminds me of Landyn!!! He is right in that same stage right now. He had his first giggle the other night and will NOT stop chewing and playing with his hands ! And I totally am in the same nursing spot too lol he is such an explorer !!! He also sleeps well and is calm and so smiley! He's such a good baby it sounds like they would be good friends lol!!


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