Thursday, January 19, 2012

jammie days

The last few weeks have been made out of mostly jammie days. We've been passing around a cold since Christmas it seems. I'm sort of liking being a homebody lately. I've always been a out and about person but in the winter with a new baby I'm just fine with staying home as much as I can. At least it's growing on me.  That and the little man is quite the runner. How is he so fast? I'll be honest, I'm amazed and a little proud that I haven't lost him yet. Knock on wood. Needless to say it takes the fun out of going most places. He won't sit in a stroller without a fight and I can't make myself buy one of those leashes. Anyways, raising a boy is nothing like raising a girl. I'll say that.  
 So this is about all we've done as of late. Nurse sick babies and take lots of baths to help drain everything out of their heads.

And I cannot stop taking pictures of this beautiful baby of mine. A friend of mine was saying how she never knows how to respond when people tell her that her kids are cute. I can't ever help but say, "I know!"


  1. Jessica, you look absolutely stunning in that first photo. And I agree with you about Margo- she is SO beautiful! I hope you all mend soon. Being sick for a long time is no fun.

  2. Ahhh love that little baby! She is so adorable and I have to agree you're so pretty!!!! Hope your kids get feeling better. I hear ya about staying home. I can go out with all 3 but it's always nice to just not go anywhere at all. My 2 yr old won't sit in a stroller or grocery cart either! The little stinkers.


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