Monday, February 6, 2012

becoming a reader

It's safe to say that No, David! is his all time favorite book. It must speak to his little soul. He will sit there and study the pages. I've read that book with him dozens and dozens of times. Have you ever heard that quote, "Children become readers on the laps of their parents?" I never really believed that. I thought they all came down loving to be read to. Well, not this boy. He never would want to be read to for very long. But he really has warmed up to sitting on our laps and reading. I love it, seeing him find a book and carry it over to me. It's nice to have him sit and snuggle. It also makes it a lot easier to get a few pictures of him while he's still.


  1. That book is one of my boys favorites also. I think they like seeing that other little boys are naughty too. My boys especially like the picture of David running down the street naked. so fun.

  2. Awww great pictures! I definitely believe that kids learn to love reading from their parents.

  3. Love that quote and we love that book too!


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