Thursday, February 16, 2012

organizing kid's artwork

I was just putting all of Miss Magoo's things in her folder and I thought I'd share how I store their artwork. All of the artwork and little notes and cards from Grandma go in these folders. This way I don't have to hurt anyone's feelings by throwing them all away. So every once in awhile I clear the fridge of all the artwork. I don't save everything but the things I do save I date and put their age on it and store it in sleeves. We go through it together so that they learn that some things we hold on to and some we let go of. This way we can still page through them every once in awhile without going through a box of papers. I'm sure we will collect more folders as we go along but they work really well.

This bulletin board holds some of the drawings.  It's in the toy room which I like because I feel like it shows them that it's their space. And of course there are drawings on the fridge too!

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  1. what a great idea! I sooo need to do something like this. Josie's preschool artwork is just thrown in a box right now.


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