Wednesday, March 21, 2012


-my beautiful growing girl, i took her to get some new shirts and we had to head over to the big girl section. she was so excited.  
-junior monopoly, a new favorite that we have to play at least once a day
-dairy free, soy free icecream. my treat for not eating wheat or dairy while I'm nursing. it's sooo good
-new found toes, she loves them and always has them in her hands
-thinking about raised beds for the garden, can't believe it's almost time to start again
-the biggest orange balloon ever, it's provided days of entertainment for the little man
-loves with daddy when he comes home


  1. oh my goodness you babies are adorable! But i have to ask you something! So i LOVE the color of paint on your walls in the living room! what color did you use!!!?? i've been looking for a good grey and that one is like perfect!!!

  2. Grey Horse by Benjamin Moore. I love it even after living with it for a year.


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