Friday, April 27, 2012

oh, my little son

This beautiful boy of mine has me feeling like I live in a zoo as of late. I live with a little monkey day in and day out. I'm secretly entertained by him almost always. But this week the sleep deprivation mixed with his all too often occuring sore belly has made him into a punk. There's just no other way to say it. He hasn't been nice. He hasn't been himself. Hurting really gets to the best of us, doesn't it? I've been jokingly have him say, "Sorry I was a punk." It sort of is the cutest thing ever. And it makes me forgive whatever wrong he's done ever so quickly.
It's a challenge, raising a boy. It's also honestly the best adventure. I always wanted a little mischievious boy of my own. Now I have him and he's exactly what I always wanted. I just never knew how exhausting it can be to keep up with one little boy. Tonight I laid with him until he fell asleep and thought about all the reasons why he's so great. You know, in efforts to help me remember why I love him.  Here's my list-

-When I walk into a room and he says "Hi, Mom!" He doesn't want anything, he's just happy to see me. It's a simple thing and yet could possible be the best part of my day. 
-Seeing him "vroom" around the house with his cars in hands
-When he gives me long hugs, sometimes he'll pat me on the back really softly. He's done it since he was just a baby and I don't thing anything could be more calming.
-How he sings along to his favorite song, "I me... MISSION." He gets all the important words. And he how he says, "Sing song mommy?"
-Speaking of questions, he tilts his head to the side after every question he asks and his voice gets super high.
-When the house has been quiet for a few minutes and I go check on him and am surprised to find him sitting somewhere with a book in his lap like a the angel child that he is sometimes.
-After his bath he like to be wrapped up real tight in his towel and craddled. Just for one tiny second or maybe two or three if I'm lucky. Then he like to run wild in his birthday suit.
-How he loves his sisters. If the baby is sleeping too long for his taste he'll ask where she is again and again and tell me how he misses her until I carry him in there so he can watch her sleep for a second.
-He sticks his hands in his pockets lately. It's such a big kid thing to do it almost makes my heart ache a little.
-How gentlemanly he can be. Sometimes when we go for walks and there's lots of bumps in the sidewalk he's turn around to make sure the stroller makes it ok. Then he'll say, "You ok, Mom?"
-When out of the blue he'll get really happy.  He'll fall into me with his arms around my neck and say, "I lub you, Mom"
-This week whenever I ask him a question, he started saying, "I have no idea!"
-How beautiful he looks when he's asleep.


  1. Times that by 4 and you've got my life. Boys are exhausting!!!! I love your list though and its so true to how sweet little boys are. They just have a crazy side that seems to come out more often. Just an idea, but if you ever want to have him zoned, I have a great contact in Orem. She is also a wealth of information on how to help with different ideas. Just a thought. Good luck!!

  2. Boys are so awesome. They push you right to the edge and at the last second pull you back. :) Very cute list!


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