Thursday, May 17, 2012

sweet thunder thighs

You would never know it to look at her but our la la baby here still hasn't had a lick of baby food. I'm in no hurry since I really don't love feeding babies baby food but we've tried a variety of things several times to see if we could get her to sleep any better through the night and still nothing. At eight months she is still solely nursing. No rice cereal, no sweet potatoes, carrots, nothing. She makes really awesome funny faces and then lets whatever we've given her just sit in her mouth.

No problems here though. There's no question that she is well fed. Look at those little rubber band arms. I think I counted five of those rolls on her arms. And I can say that I have grown her and all of those rolls from scratch.  I simply cannot get enough of her right now.


  1. You're killing me! She is so dang cute and you are absolutely gorgeous. It's no wonder you look so great so fast after your babies (you've got a good little eater there....and you're in amazing shape anyway). I adore her little rolls. Love it!

  2. Um it makes me just want to grab her little rolls. She is so cute, along with the rest of your family. So sad I missed you when you were up in Rexburg!


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