Monday, June 25, 2012

Bear Lake

Here are a few photos from our trip to Bear lake. Bear lake is one well kept secret. It isn't really established very much but it's beautiful there. I'm sure we'll go back in future summers.  Brett has a friend who let us stay in his cabin on the East side of the lake. We went swimming every morning and took long naps in the afternoon. We went out on the water and played some put put. Brett and I left the kids with my sister and rented kayaks. It was really windy and we mostly just laughed a lot.  We took everyone out on a boat ride. The kids were thrilled about it.
Wouldn't it be fun to have a swing set like this in our backyard. It could just span the whole side of our yard.
I couldn't get over how cute the little man looked standing in line with the big kids for the diving board. I missed getting a picture of him standing with a bunch of boys and then him, still so small. But he was so very funny.

We went to this place called Le Beau's that is know for their raspberry shakes. They were so good Brett went back five times during our stay. We let the kids have some. Some things are worth having a belly ache for right? And they didn't do too bad. 
Lala baby a little unsure about the water. She was pretty sleepy that morning.  

 That's all for our trip this summer.  

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