Wednesday, August 29, 2012

First day of school

 Kindergarten started yesterday.  This day has been awaited by her for years. She
has been so ready. The morning of was just torture. It couldn't come fast enough. Even after talking about what she was going to wear the first day a week of school in advance she still changed her clothes probably six times.  And yes I took a ton of photos because she is my baby and now she's in kindergarten. I wasn't sad about it. Half day is ok with me. It's the thought of next year when she's going to be gone all day that makes me want to cry.

Don't know why this photos so digi. Oh well.
When she got out of school she was just chatting away with her friends and she looked right at home. She'll do great. She makes friends so easily. On the way home she wanted to walk by herself. Little miss Independent. It wasn't until that moment right there, after school got out and we were walking home that I teared up a little. She just looked so little in the midst of all these kids with her backpack on, just about as big as she is.


  1. She is such a cute kindergartner! It makes it so much better when they loved their first day!

  2. Hooray for her! So exciting. I just LOVE her shirt- so adorable.


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