Thursday, November 15, 2012

family therapy

I've decided that an hour a day of cuddling on our bed is the best family therapy we could get. Honestly, when we're all in our bed is when I have some of my favorite times with my kids. Whenever anyone gets too grumpy I think that's my new plan of action. It usually ends up with one wild boy jumping on the bed while the girls are snuggling or reading books but still everyone is usually the happiest around here when we are just laying in bed doing a whole lot of nothing.
She loves, loves her babies already. She usually has one in her arms. It's pretty cute.
Aah, she's getting so big so fast. In this picture especially, she just looks so much older to me. She's starting to look longer and longer. She's happy to be crawling still though she'll take steps for us. She hasn't been in a rush to do much moving and that's okay with me.

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