Sunday, November 25, 2012

you at three

oh three. how did it come so fast? i have had this small urge to throw a little tantrum every time i have thought about you turning three. i love you my boy, my son. you are almost too good to be true. you are this happy, sweet, caring, kind, literally bouncing, little boy with a perfect amount of mischief mixed all together. you are three. so much a little boy but still so small. small enough to ask to be snuggled. this morning it was right after breakfast and you asked if we could go get back into mommy's bed under the "cubers". it was one of those purely beautiful moments that you just want to tuck in my favorite stash of sweet memories to never forget. i know we are on the verge of outgrowing all of these things too which makes them that more precious. i'm just holding my breath until the time when you won't let me hold your hand when we walk anymore.

you at three. what do i want to remember the most? how when we pull into the house you always say, "home sweet home!" how you give the best hugs. you snug your sweet cheeks right up to mine and squeeze so tight. how when you run up to me to tell me something you're excited about, i always ask for a kiss and you always give me two like one just isn't enough for you. how you love balls. i cleaned under your bed and found six balls under your bed. you'll take them to bed with you as if they were babies. how you ask for pancakes every morning.  how when i remind you to say please, you perk up and tilt your head and say, "may i please" in your high little voice. you'd have to see it but it is the cutest. you carry your puppy wherever we go. he's always tucked under your arm. how you love our walks to the school every day. you scooter your way there and still it takes us more time than you could imagine. we stop to look at bugs and wandering kitties and planes. how we stop to put rocks in your pockets. how you want to ride right along with your sister, always the big brother. how you learned how to do little jumps with your scooter. you're going to be a little pro on that thing before long. how easy it is to fill your biggest wishes. all i have to do is say the word wrestle to you and you beam with glee. it's the fastest way to become your best friend. how you make us all laugh. you don't have to try, you're just funny. i'm pretty sure i tell brett at least once a day how cute you are.  how dad took your training wheels off because we both have know that you could ride that bike like a big kid but we haven't because, well, we just don't want you to grow up. well anyways, you did. you rode it by yourself that first day. how you are teaching me to go with the flow. so what if we have nerf darts stuck to the windows,  jump on the bed, run around half dressed almost always, climb on every surface possible. you happy and carefree and guess what, amazingly there have been no trips to the emergency room.

happy birthday my little son. hugs and kisses, mom

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  1. This is the sweetest post ever! I sure love you and your cute little family!


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