Thursday, January 24, 2013

my darlings

Watching my girl be so sweet to her little sister just puts my mind at ease. It reminds me that all the long days and all the little things that make up our days matter. Because really all I want is for my kids to be good, happy people, the kind of people that care about others more than themselves. When I see how eager she is to help her sister, how she pops up the minute she hears her wake from her nap, how as she stops and kisses her little sister on her way throughout the house, how gentle she is with her, I feel like I could just do anything for them to help them be happy and feel loved. I'm sure they will have their moments in the future. It won't always be rainbows and sunshine around here but I know they are so lucky to have each other. 
“A mother…by her planning and industry night and day, by her willfulness of love, by her fidelity, she brings up her children. Do not read to me the campaigns of Caesar and tell me nothing about Napoleon’s wonderful exploits. For I tell you that, as God and the angels look down upon the silent history of that woman’s administration, and upon those men-building processes which went on in her heart and mind through a score of years;—nothing exterior, no outward development of kingdoms, no empire-building, can compare with what mother has done. Nothing can compare in beauty, and wonder, and admirableness, and divinity itself, to the silent work in obscure dwellings of faithful women bringing their children to honor and virtue and piety.” 
-Henry Ward Beecher

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  1. I love the phrase "willfulness of love"... makes you think. Thanks for always posting such uplifting thoughts and quotes about motherhood. Your blog always makes my day better!


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