Tuesday, February 26, 2013

now you are six: a letter to my first

My beautiful miss, you turned six on me. I just can't grasp the thought of you being this old. Every night without fail we get you tucked in and then you request one of your babies. It's usually a different baby every night but you are always specific on which baby you want. This week I tucked you in and you started to ask for a baby and then you stopped and said, "Never mind, I don't need babies anymore." I cringed a little inside. Just another bit of the baby you once were falling away. Never the less, you keep getting better as you get older.  Still you are this whimsical character in my life, always flitting around the house in random dress ups or pajamas or her dad's clothes, whatever fits the bill that day.  All of our closets fall victim of her musings. Somedays you want to practice soccer and so you must change into your soccer attire to practice. An hour later you are in something entirely different. There's never a dull moment. Every morning starts with coloring or painting. I know every parent likes to think their child is an artist and I'm no different. All of her drawings are so pretty and I have them scattered around the walls of the house.
You take forever to get ready in the morning. This morning ritual is like your own space to have to yourself. I don't know what we will do next year when we have to get out of the door before noon every morning. You fight getting in the shower like I'm torturing you and then once step into that shower, you are in your own little world and suddenly are happy, you sing and soak and I have to pull you out of there, once I find it in myself to interrupt your little moment. You talk to yourself in the mirror and if I leave you to brush your teeth I can count on you still being there ten minutes later, still getting toothpaste on your toothbrush. You are always on your own time table and can't be rushed. It drives me crazy but I totally get it.
You have the confidence I've always wanted. I pray you always stay this way. The other day I heard one of your little friends questioned your quirky outfit and you just shrugged your shoulders so sure and said, "Well, I like it." And that was it. What a girl, I just love you. I'm so happy to be witness of this childhood you are going through. Happy birthday!


  1. What a sweet letter! Some of those things sound just like Hallie! Now I know she's not alone in her funny, quirky ways. I love it!


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