Monday, February 4, 2013


Here we are. Doing our everyday. Eating together, reading together, playing together, learning together.  On the outside they look like simple days. Sometimes (a lot of times) to me they feel like mundane days. It's my biggest challenge as a mom,  fighting off my stircraziness (made up word?). I forget my purpose, let boredom get to me. But here's my reminder to myself, once again, that it is our everyday that is beautiful and meaningful. It's my privilege to soak it all in, to revel in their bright little faces and let that light-hearted, free-spirited feeling they exude rub off on me a bit.  This is why all these snapshots I take are precious to me, because they are reminders of what is important and how beautiful my world is with these littles in it. 
-my own Joe Black, eating peanut butter by the spoonful
-one sweet, sleeping, dreaming child
-snuggling her sick brother
-finding hats in the kitchen cupboards
-my girl practicing
-qt time with dad

“There simply aren’t any grand moments in life, and we surely don’t live in those moments. No, we live in the utterly mundane. We exist in the bathrooms, bedrooms, living rooms, and hallways of life. This is where the character of our life is set. This is where we live the life of faith.” -Paul David Tripp

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