Thursday, March 7, 2013

a little boy and his car

I have to always remember that it takes nothing more than ten minutes of my time to make my kids so happy. I've been trying to have more one on one time with each of them. What a difference it makes! It seems so easy to do, but with more than one kid and lots of other things on our plates it's harder than you would think. But wow, does it result in calmer, kinder, more cooperative kids for sure. I have to remember that soon it will be me that is the one wanting to spend more time with them when they are all busy teenagers that now is the time to really be with them. There is something so sweet about how simple it is to please them just by passing a car back and forth on the floor. 
My favorite shot. He's just so intense sometimes and it shows here. 
A little note, I've playing a bit with the setting on my camera to get better shots straight out of the camera. Every setting is different but I bumped up the contrast, set these for vivid and warmed them up a bit in my camera settings menu. And of course just find good light. The more I've gotten busier with taking pictures for other people I've learned to simplify and cut down post-processing on personal stuff. Pretty happy about these straight out of the camera.

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  1. Love these moments you capture. So inspiring! And, thanks so much for sharing the tip on the camera settings. I never ever thought to utilize those, so now I'm gonna play around. Thanks!


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