Friday, July 5, 2013

Independence Day 2013

 Our fourth of July was one of the best we've had in awhile. Everyone was in good spirits, the weather was so cool in the morning. We woke up extra early for the balloons. They were cancelled because of the clouds and rain but we braved the parade and got the perfect spot in the shade. I am so grateful I get to live here in this great nation and enjoy the freedom that has been fought and earned. 
Miss magoo here put on her own preshow before the parade playing with this little firefighter's hat. Such a goofy girl she's getting to be. 
Later in the evening we went to a little street firework show in our neighborhood. I didn't realize how much magoo has grown until I saw this photo. She's almost as big as me for goodness sake. I just want to put her in a shoebox and keep her this size. She was extra sleepy at this point. But the fireworks sure cheered her up. She was amazed by the whole thing. The older kids were so busy with friends that I didn't get photos with them. But I know they had fun. My favorite part of fireworks is watching the fascination on my kids faces. It is so fun to see them in such awe. 

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