Saturday, September 7, 2013

at the end of the day

 one day i will want to come back to these late moments at the end of the day where they are laying in my bed, waiting for their stories. i'll want to remember the clean smell of them, right after their baths. i will want to listen to them giggling to each other while they hide under our bed (a favorite hang out place) and I pretend not to know where they are once again. i will remember how starting in on a good book slowed them down and how perfect it felt to have them lean their heads on my shoulders while they listened to my voice. i'll want to kiss their full, healthy cheeks and their sleepy eyes and curl right next to their little bodies and breathe them in. i will try to remember how their small weight felt as we carried them to their own beds every night. so i will just keep taking pictures like these no matter how grainy and imperfect they are, so i can get a teensy bit of that back one day. 

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