Monday, September 23, 2013

miss magoo is two

 two years of firsts have passed. your first smile, your first laugh, those first baby steps and so many others have been counted. after all the celebrating today we put the older kids to bed and you were up having a late snack. you are such a chatter box when you are alone and it is better than christmas morning hearing you talk about your day. i am constantly amazed at the words that come out of your beautiful mouth and just look at you with wonder so many times a day.
my darling, you are two. your soul is as shiny and bright as they come. even in this stage of your life where you are so very two. even with your squeals in defense of your brothers antics and your top notch tantrums that you throw, you are still as cute as a button. as soon as you get frustrated you start stomping your foot. it's all i can do but pick you up and hug you because you are just so darn cute when you are mad.
you love your bath and it takes lots of persuasion to get you wrapped up in a towel. you are a born reader. always will i walk into the play room and see you pouring over a book and you say "read it mommy." i am amazed at your mind. you can do puzzles like a whiz and the way you reason shows how bright you are. you are still a champion sleeper and i am ever grateful to have a child that sleeps. you are trying so hard to keep up with the bigger kids.  you are a full blown independent girl, just starting with the "do it myselfs." right in the middle of your struggles you will smile at me like you know how silly it is but it's just your job right now, to do it without any help. you love hide and seek and to be chased. you love shoes, everyones shoes. you pass them and can't help but try them on.
we celebrated your birthday yesterday. it was fun to see you have something be about just you. you were given a few simple presents and you were so sweet playing with them for hours the next day. you love, love cake. the way you say cake kills me. don't worry i've got it on video so one day you can hear it yourself.  i made you a banana cake and i was reminded how much my little kids dislike frosting.  we did blow out candles three or four times because you were so happy doing it.
i love you so much sweet girl. i am so grateful to share your young life with you. you are more delightful than i ever imagined. i can't wait to witness all of your firsts that are yet to come.

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  1. So very very cute!!! Can't believe she is two. Your kiddos make me smile. I miss you....


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