Sunday, December 22, 2013


We woke up to more of this beautiful snow and decided to finally take advantage of it. We finished our Saturday chores and headed to the biggest hill nearby. Miss magoo was not alright with the whole thing. We were all ready to go and had even got her snow clothes on (we all know how long it takes to get everything on) and by the time we got the other kids in the car she had taken them all off. How she got them off I still don't know but she did. So she stayed in the car with one of us and we switched off sledding with the kids. The kids were so happy running up that hill and squealing all the way down. After watching all the fun for awhile she asked to get into her snow clothes and out of the car. She buried her head in Brett's shoulder the whole walk to the hill and then covered her eyes the whole way down. She does not like things that are new right now. But it was so very cute watching her. Such an onry girl that day, not like her at all but still she was so fun. She went down a few more times and covered her eyes the whole time down. The kids could have played all day in the snow, it was so fun to see them so happy. 

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  1. I love the snow! What a cute time with your cute little family. I loved seeing you over the Holiday! I hope the next time I see you will be at your house!


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