Wednesday, January 29, 2014

i found a new favorite spot in our house to take pictures in. i have been in a rut, only pulling my camera out when my kids were in the usual places in my house that i know are well lit. it was a bit unexpected but i'm so glad i did. the funny thing is it's in our poorly lit basement with only one window. the rest of the room is dark and it makes for some moody lighting. i had her face the window with me in between her and the window. this beautiful girl was so kind to spend a few minutes being her usual happy self while i experimented. just ten minutes, that's all it takes so get these pictures that are going to be so special later on. i decided that i am going to pick a photo each week of each of the kids and write them a letter at the end of the year. seal them up until they are older.
she just keeps getting better as she gets older. i think she is just so great and i wonder how i could love her more and then she surprises me with more layers of goodness. there has been lots of nights, lately especially, that brett and i have lain in bed and talk about how warm and caring and compassionate she is. don't mind me, i know i'm just a doting mother but i don't know how we got so blessed. 

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  1. Those really are special pictures. Look like Justin Hackworth. :)


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