Saturday, March 15, 2014

after dusk

I'm the only one that will probably appreciate these grainy photos but I think they are so different which makes me like them all the more. There is a funky red bleed to them at the bottom from that strange twilight which just adds to the awesomeness to me. We pulled into La Jolla right before dusk and headed down to the water. It was already dark but we are big fans of the ocean and so we headed right out to sea. The beach was empty and the kids were just so happy to get out of the car and chase waves. Brett took these of us while we were playing and even though I certainly looked like I just had finished a long road trip I'm glad to have the memory of that fun night when everyone was so incredibly happy just to have their feet in the water. Margo who loves throwing rocks discovered sea shells and was all over those. 

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