Sunday, September 28, 2014

super hero

sometimes i can't stop myself from taking a few pictures of my kids when they are sleeping. i'm pretty sure i won't regret it either. what a good reminder of how perfect they are. the morning i took these she had been running around with her brother dressed up in batman costumes, shouting at each other about saving their babies and the world. i love how kids get so loud when it comes to pretending sometimes. he and she play cars and trains and kitchen and babies and i can't help but take back my wishes of one day having two girls or two boys together. they really do round each other out. but after a morning of  super heroes he went to preschool and she snuggled with me for a nap. she looked just as fair and feminine as can be. she'll be well-rounded for certain. she just turned three and she's showing it. getting so big by the minute. so independent and talking like you wouldn't believe. she really is a little super hero to me, such a life saver in such a real way, bringing so much joy to our family. 

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  1. I know I've said this a million times but I love your pictures. They are so sweet. I also love the cute little personalities of your kiddos. I sure miss you.


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