Wednesday, November 5, 2014

soccer two thousand and fourteen

This is Cole's first year playing soccer and boy has he been fun to watch. I really see where all that energy and speed he has can be put to good use. He doesn't stop throughout the whole game and even during the breaks he just is so ready to get in and play. In each game he has been all over the field and scores so many goals I end up losing track. The last game of the season I took my camera to the game. The coaches were going to leave the goals as they were at half time but he talked them into switching. I'm sure he'll balance out with the rest of the players as the years go by but right now he's quite the all star. It's so fun to see him find something he loves and is good at. It makes all that chasing after him that I have done worth it to see all of his business pay off in other areas.

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