Tuesday, January 18, 2011

day 1

 here i go, my first post.  i started this blog for myself mostly. it's selfish really. so i can connect with friends, get my creative fix, to challenge myself and most of all to have a journal of these years where my kids are little.  i love being a mom to my two gorgeous kids.  i try to soak up every bit of their childhood. it's kind of why I started blogging. so i can mark the dreamy, blissful moments of motherhood (especially at times where they seem few and far between) and focus on having more of them.
 i hope that i can make some of these thoughts meaningful once in awhile and always uplifting and mostly just a happy place to come and just be.

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  1. Beautiful, Jessica. I wouldn't expect any less from you, though :) I love your blog and I'm excited to see what you post. (When you figure out that pony tail, make sure you post a tutorial or something. That might make me want to grow my hair back out!)

    And thanks for adding me to your exclusive sidebar list :)


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