Wednesday, January 19, 2011

my secret resolution

my number one resolution this year is to be more positive. it's the same one i have every year and break the fastest. my oh so positive husband asked me what my goals were this year and i didn't even tell him. i might as well leave that one out so i don't leave another mark on my record. mostly because i try so darn hard but i'm just not an optimist. nope, i try and fake it and i think if i had a conversation i could pass off as one if i'm really thinking about it. i guess that's an improvement. 
today i woke up to snow and slush and just thought about how much longer i have until spring is here. ugh.  so i tried to think of all the lovely things about winter. not doing too bad this year i guess. maybe by the time i'm sixty i'll have kicked the pessimist in me to the curb. so came up with scarves. definitely scarves. so that's my goal, this time i'm sticking to it. i might just need a reminder now and then.


  1. that's funny, because I've always seen you as a very positive person! But kudos to you :) I could learn something from your positivity!

  2. this winter has been a long one! isn't deciding which color to paint your walls the best! i just love it!


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