Thursday, January 27, 2011

a letter to amelie

dear amelie (who by the way is still sleeping at 8 o'clock, woo hoo!),

today when you wake up i'm going to shower you with attention. i know that this week has been pretty rough with your brother and his little tummy and he's needed lots of my time. so today's your day. i'm going to let you choose whatever you want to do, anything at all. maybe we can cuddle up on my bed with a big pile of books and read, which is most likely just what you'll want to do.  or maybe we'll play dress up and dance to "you are my sunshine "  over and over again, since you love that so much. maybe we'll make pancakes and smoothies with straws, your all time favorite breakfast. whatever you want. you've been such a trooper all week and you completely deserve it.

love you bug,
love mom

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