Wednesday, January 26, 2011

DIY Pinwheels

I'm excited for this pinwheel tutorial. I made a mobile for my little boy's room and of course Amelie wanted one too. They are inexpensive and simple to make. They were just on her level to help.

I've seen people fold the paper but that left me with funny bends after I cut them. If that bugs you like it bugs me you can do this way.

If you want your pinwheel like if you were putting it on a dowel then you could use round headed pins or tie pegs. Mine are going on a mobile so I didn't bother. 

Finished! They really do add a lot to a room.
This is a pretty flexible craft. You can make mobiles out of them like I am doing or secure them to sticks or dowels for party favors or for decorations. They'd be cheery placed in a vase. Anyways I don't know if you even needed a tutorial they're so easy but I thought they were fun!


  1. very nice. what is a brad?

  2. My daughter, with a really similar name=),is turning 1 and I was hoping for paper pinwheels in these colors!
    Where did you get the paper?

  3. Indeed! Where did you get the paper?

  4. Awesome!.....but what is a brad? And where can I find these pins? Thanks!

  5. To the ladies who asked what a "brad" was. It's the small metal pin that she inserted into the paper in step 5. It has a round (or square, or star) head and two spokes that bend out to secure the paper together... similar to the way a manila envelope closes.

  6. Anyone know how to get the pinwheels to hang face down and not all askew? This is a sweet project that is driving me crazy! There must be a simple way. I am centering the middle hole per the instructions but they're not hanging face down.


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