Monday, March 14, 2011

Our new home

It's official. We have ourselves our first home. I can't believe it all worked out. It seems as if there were so many stumbling blocks but it's really happening. We get the keys on Wednesday. So soon! We still have lots to do but we are going to try and get moved in by next week. This will be the first house we have lived in since we have been married.
Here are a few things I love about it. The fireplace with a white mantle (LOVE), lots of hardwood floors, the cute little porch. That it's on a cul de sac. The perfect backyard, not to big but not too small. There are peach trees and an apple and a cherry tree. I can already see my kids sitting in that cherry tree eating cherries right off the branches. The big great room with the kitchen, dining room and living room all together, so I can be with the kids while I'm in the kitchen. That was a must. The window over the kitchen sink faces the backyard. It's a little thing but just what I wanted. Oh and there are lots and lots of windows.
It isn't perfect. We will have some  projects in the future. There is green carpet upstairs and the kitchen will need some work. But that will come with time and I love the thought of redoing a kitchen.

P.S.- This photo has nothing to do with this post. Just my little family on a walk. A reminder of warmer days soon to come.


  1. I know you are SO EXCITED! I know you will make everything beautiful! Good luck with the move.
    PS We are trying to close on ours by April 1!!!

  2. That is so exciting!! I hope I get to come visit you in your house before I leave for Indiana. I'm so happy for you!

  3. Yeah I am sooo Happy!! Can't wait to see pictures. Its the best feeling to be in your OWN home!!! Congrats you guys.


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