Wednesday, March 9, 2011

paint decisions

The mister came home the other day and asked me to pick out paint colors for the house. The house is still not quite official but if it is we are going to be doing some painting. A lot of painting. Actually we aren't painting it, the painters are going to. That's the nice thing about being married to a chiropractor. We get to do trade every once in awhile. So if this all goes through not only do I get freshly painted walls but I don't even have to paint them. I can't believe my life right now. Currently the house has a few rooms painted in crazy colors. I don't even know how to pick there are so many pretty colors. I stopped by Home Depot and even Martha Stuart herself has her own new line of paint. There are so many choices. I've been perusing a few blogs looking for paint ideals. I think I have limited it down to a few to try out on the walls.

Anyone have any suggestions of paint they love?


  1. I just found this blog today... speaking of paint colors. It's fairly new, but maybe it'll give some inspiration!

  2. Wow - congrats on the house! That is super super exciting!

    I used Martha's paint colors when we painted Brandon's office, back when she had a paint line at Lowe's. They can still make the colors there if you request the name. We used one called Bookcloth Brown, and I love it. It's a darker, half taupe half gray color. You can see it if you look at our office tour on my blog. But, a subtle gray is a great one for throughout the house. Have fun, can't wait to see more!

  3. I have the best books for you to find paint colors in! They are both house decorating books from Pottery Barn. You can find them online and look through them. Good luck! Jealous!

  4. We have been told by quite a few people that we are "not afraid of color". I'm still not quite sure if that's a compliment or criticism. However, I have found that surrounding yourself in colors you love makes the house that much cheerier. Good luck and happy painting!
    (BTW, our house is mainly shades of green, blue, & yellow!)


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