Thursday, March 3, 2011

quiet afternoon

The other day I was thinking every parent should start out with a couple kids and go down from there. Not really possible but I don't think I ever knew how nice it was to be able to spend so much time with one. I never really appreciated how easy those times were when there was just one. I wouldn't trade my two little ones for anything but during naps or preschool it is so nice to have one on one time with one of my children. Like this afternoon during naptime when it was just us girls. Loved it. 


  1. We are going through the stage where Matthew will only nap for 30-40 minutes and I desperately miss my "Nathan time." I'd rather have it than "me time." Those moments are so special.

  2. Jess! I haven't looked at your blog in forever! Love everything about it! So did you get the house?!? I'm so excited for you guys :). And is that the house in the picture. Sorry for all the questions and Happy Late Birthday to your sweet little girlie!

  3. I have been trying my hardest to take advantage of all the one-on-one time I have with Maeva, because I know it will get harder once we have other kids, but I really don't think you know how good you have it till it changes. Kinda like being married with NO kids. I look back on those days & wish I wouldn't have taken them for granted either.
    By the way, the party is so cute!!! What lucky girls to get to attend such a fun party like that. & congrats on the house. I hope you get it. Although I will be sad to see you guys go :(

  4. I think my favorite thing about this post is that your little girly still has baby hands :) hehe
    I loved this post, I love how you take advantage of every moment to spend time with you kids.
    Miss you Jess!!
    Can't wait to hear news on the house!!


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