Tuesday, May 3, 2011

better days

The last two days have been beautiful. We seem to have lots more coming our way. I feel like better days have arrived. Not only just the weather but my days of being sick too.  I have had
fewer bad days and even the bad days really aren't that bad. You know compared to throwing up all the time and being dehydrated.  Can I tell you how nice it is to eat normal food and to be able to drink water without getting sick? This pregnancy has given me a new appreciation for all the simple things I take for granted, like my health and even just having the energy and strength to take care of my family.

Having a backyard has changed my life. It's so nice to let them go out and play. They're so much happier when they get a little sunshine.

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  1. Nathan is addicted to playing outside, I would go crazy without a backyard, cool playset!


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