Sunday, May 8, 2011


It's late and everyone is tucked in for the night. I love these quiet moments when everyone is sleeping. Mother's Day was just nice. I know it can bring out a lot of emotions for some people but I just like it. Today I just was contemplating the amazing women in my own life. Then at church I love hearing about everyone's mothers. I know every mother isn't as perfect and squeaky clean as they seem in those talks on mother day's but I do like to hear about the good women that have made mothering their business and how their children remember them. It just makes me want to be better.
I have been working on a photo wall and came across this photo. I love how happy she looks. Being a mother has made so much more out of my life than there ever was before children. I am so very blessed to have them and to have their love.  When I think about it, it can feel like more responsibility than I should be trusted with but I know that if I take it by small moments, one smile at a time, one story at a time, being cheerful even in the early morning hours one more time even, that I can do it.  I'm learning that it doesn't always have to be perfect, it never could be if I tried, but as long as I can remember to see the happy moments in the middle of all the rest of the daily activities then I'm doing okay.

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  1. happy mothers day, jess! i miss you guys! its been a few weeks! i want to know how your feeling!


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