Friday, May 13, 2011

Amelie so far

I never got around to writing a birthday post so here it is just super late!
Four years. I have had her for four years. It seems like she's always been in my life and and yet it really has gone by in a blink. At four she is just as fiery as ever. I kept thinking it might be just because she was going through a stage but still she holds her ground on everything.  She has a strong personality for sure, sometimes when she's just full of attitude it's so hard for me not to laugh. Looking at her with her hand on her hip and her sassy face you just know she thinks she is so fearsome.  I am sure though that the same traits that make us raise our eyebrows now will make her pretty darn amazing later. I know she'll have big dreams and have all the gumption she'll need to reach them.
  She definitely wears her heart on her sleeve. But she knows how to love us just as strongly. She loves babies as all little girls do but I'm always surprised how she is still so in love with her little brother. Whenever he's doing something especially cute you can always count on her to say "Mom, look how cute this is."
Photos of her are scarce lately because this is the response I get most times when I pull out the camera.

She's the best cuddler. As a baby we rarely got the chance to snuggle with her, it just wasn't her thing. It's grown on her I guess. She likes to crawl into bed in the morning and curl right up to me. I love it. After years of being one of those kids that needs the bare minimum of sleep, she is catching up for it now. It's not until 8 or 9 that we see her sunshine face roll out of bed. I hadn't had her taking naps the last year or so because if she had one she would be up until late at night but now we're back to naps and most days she has a good two or three hour nap. It's amazing what a difference a nap makes too.
Speaking of naps,  lately while she is trying to go to sleep for her naps she will come down stairs ten minutes or so after I laid her down. She'll walk towards me stretching our her arms and yawning like she just woke up and say things like "Oh, that felt good," or "I slept soo long."
She has the best memory. I wish I could remember everything so quickly. She loves her music loud and to swing high and could read forever. She wears skirts everyday so she can "spin fast" and is a little foodie in the making.
I'm so lucky to be able to watch her grow and can't wait to see what's in store for her.

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