Monday, December 19, 2011

guest bathroom

I realized I never got around to posting this part of our house, so here it is! The blue color was a little too much for me in such a small space. So we painted it. It's more of a gray color, it almost looks a little purple in these pictures. I painted the existing mirror. I painted these watercolors one day when I was painting with the kids and thought they weren't too bad so I put those up. One day we'll be able to affort real art. :) And the towels are from Anthropologie. I feel like they are almost art work themselves, they're so pretty.  And those little mercury candles are just for pictures because nothing like that would stay in one piece very long with my little boy around and that's okay.

There it is! It really is amazing what paint can do.

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  1. Love it! And look at you, you're quite the painter :) Which doesn't surprise me, because you're such a great interior designer!


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